Reproductive health is one of the most important issues in everyone’s life. For those who step into marriage, having perfect reproductive health is a foundation to build a happy family. Come to LIGHT Clinic and your reproductive health will be protected and cared in the best way.

Institute for Development and Community Health – LIGHT is a non-governmental, non-profit organization operating for humanitarian purposes. LIGHT commits to participate in community development, improve people’s health and contribute support to the formulation and implementation of the government’s policies to improve quality of life for Vietnamese people.

LIGHT Clinics was founded in 2003 with its predecessor as the strong development of Center for Research and Dissemination of Reproductive Health Knowledge – RHIAC. So far, LIGHT has been increasingly built up its reputation, success and trusted by more customers who choose to use its reproductive health care services.

LIGHT brings you:

+ Consulting and pre-marriage medical examination.

+ Gynecology check, pregnancy tests, breast exams.

+ Men’s sexual health care.

+ Infertility testing and treatment.

+ Family planning.

+ Vaginal narrowing treatment.

+ Ultrasound.

+ Testing.

+ Reproductive health testing and consulting for disabled people.

With a team of leading nurses and doctors who own solid expertise and are rich in practical experiences, we guarantee to bring you reputable services with the best quality.

It’s a common attitude of Vietnamese people to be shy and embarrassed when referring to the issue of reproductive health. Understand that, doctors and nurses at LIGHT always know how to make our clients feel comfortable to talk about their problems openly. The clients’ information is strictly confidential ensuring their privacy when using services of LIGHT.

To present you the best quality services, LIGHT always focuses on investment in equipment and drugs up to GPP standard. In particular, LIGHT’s nurses are frequently trained and improved their professions, while doctors and specialists are always cooperated with advisory committee comprised of leading Prof. Dr. in the industry who are or have been working at Central Propaganda Board, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Union of Science and Technology Associations of Vietnam. The advisory committee holds meetings 1-2 times a year to provide strategic direction for LIGHT as well as instruct and encourage LIGHT’s activities in accordance with its humanitarian principles and purposes.

The extraordinary thing that LIGHT aims at is counseling, testing and treating reproductive health for disabled and disadvantaged groups in order to bring about a safe – fair – hopeful society where disadvantaged groups will be empowered to have their voice and people have the right and opportunity to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.

Come to Light Clinic – LIGHT for a comprehensive health care service – especially reproductive health.

Light Clinic – LIGHT is pleased to welcome and serve you!