Institute for Development and Community Health – LIGHT is an organization experienced in the field of medicine and community health care for many years, LIGHT has received a lot of awards, achievements, certificates, complimentary letters from the government, ministries and international organizations.

LIGHT Clinic & Beauty – a member of LIGHT, is an internal medical cosmetic clinic specialized in applying the most advanced biomedical technology in the field of beauty care.

  • Providing professional skin therapy and cosmetic services with affordable, secure and efficient solutions
  • Our team of doctors and experts are excellent, experienced and dedicated.
  • Researching and applying the latest technologies and techniques in the world transferred directly from the top brands of the USA, South Korea, Japan, etc.
  • Modern equipments, high-end professional products from the world’s leading brands evaluated and selected by the doctors.


DOUBLO HIFU – Advanced V-Line Technology rejuvenates skin once only, using ultrasonic waves of high intensity convergent impact on the fascia beneath the skin, minimizing the subcutaneous layer, breaking the sag collagen and elastin fibers, stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.

Scope of the therapy technology:

– Muscle stimulation, facelift

– Skin rejuvenation

– V-Line slim facial feature

– Eyebrow, eyelid ptosis surgery

– Wrinkle removal (forehead, nose, eyes)

– Facial defect correction

PETIT LADY ACTION II – the world’s leading technology helps to rejuvenate and protect private parts comprehensively in terms of functions and aesthetics:

– Vaginal tightening and toning

– Vaginal rejuvenation, collagen boost

– Mucosa thickening, fluid boost

– Treatment of vaginitis, urinary incontinence

– Pigmentation therapy, inside and outside lightening of private part

At Light & Beauty Clinic, the technologies are directly transferred from the American firm – Lutronic to specialized doctors of the Institute of Development and Community Health (LIGHT)

THERMAGIC LIFT – the technology of wrinkle removal, muscle stimulation, skin rejuvenation transferred from Korea. The application of high frequency electromagnetic waves combined with infrared laser diode technology helps firm, smooth wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and raise muscles without surgery.

The experienced specialized physicians of LIGHT shall directly perform the aesthetic modifications suitable for each face that help to create sharp slim faces, regenerate skin, blur wrinkles, make the skin healthy and bright.

Optimal pigmentation therapy with SPECTRA LASER TONING technology – the most innovative color laser technology of the American brand – Lutronic, which has been clinically proven in terms of efficacy and safety and is one of the very few aesthetic technologies certified by both FDA – USA and CE – Europe.

Therapy results:

– Safety and effectiveness superior to the old technologies

– Treatment of all types of pigmentation, brightening and improving overall skin tone

– Making skin smooth, removing tiny wrinkles, regenerate skin texture for a younger and bright skin. 


  • DOUBLO HIFU – V-Line slimming technology, once-only skin rejuvenation
  • Recreation and tightening of private parts with PETIT LADY
  • THERMAGE – Removal of wrinkles, muscle stimulation, in-depth skin rejuvenation
  • Optimal pigmentation therapy with SPECTRA LASER TONING technology
  • Filling wrinkle grooves, skin stretching, wrinkle removal, raising nose bridges, non-surgical facial correction
  • Skin lightening, pore minimizing, treatment of acnes, oily skin, pitted scars with quick results
  • Hair removal – telangiectasias treatment with light technology
  • Stem cell, ion exchange, ultrasound, serum infusion, skin rejuvenation technologies
  • Firming therapy, body measurement reduction
  • Removal of moles, warts, freckles
  • Cosmetic embroidery and sculpture with Korean technology. Tattoo removal, tattoo error correction.