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Ms Ut is not shy anymore

The story of Ms.Nguyen Thi Ut

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut, 34, is a native of Hung Yen province, her husband works as a driver, they have two daughters, 12 and over 5 years olds. She is a sefl help group leader in Chuong Duong ward.

Due to a backward concept that girls should not learn much, she dropped out of school when she finished secondary education to become a tailor, but her income was too low so she followed some people in her home town to Hanoi since 1999 to make a better living. In those very first days in Hanoi,

Hong’s story

Hong, 46, stayed in a bordering remote province of Ha Giang until she moved to Hanoi 20 years ago to earn living as a waster collector. She is now participating in NEW ME, a project to improve the security and value of recycling-based livelihoods for female migrants engaging in waste collection.

Hong and other 17 participants were trained on business and communications skills. She becomes more confident. Now she can talk in front of a big group and to authorities confidently. She wants to start a business with the other participants.

Her group is selling second hand clothes at 123 Nghia Dung as a trial of NEW ME model.

Putting my heart into business for the success of NEW ME!

c Ngoc 3
Nguyen Thi Ngoc, 32, has two daughters, ages 12 and 6. Like other migrants, she moved to Hanoi from a rural province, Bac Giang. There she met her husband, a taxi driver. Ngoc works several jobs to earn her living. In the daytime she works as a tailor and in evenings she rents toys for children at Ly Thai To Park, near Hoan Kiem Lake in central Hanoi.
But Ngoc is driven by bigger dreams, and joined the NEW ME! project to start making them a reality. “I learned all the basic skills I need to start a small business.