“Migrant workers and Social protection”

“MIGRANT WORKERS AND SOCIAL PROTECTION” annual workshop and Stones project completion was held on 15th December 2016, at Hanoi Club, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

The participants of workshop are from MOLISA, HAUFO, Women’s Union at all level, Vietnam Social Insurance Agency, Social Insurance Agency of Hoan Kiem district…, Representative of UN Women in Vietnam, Belgian Embassy, German Embassy, INGOs in Vietnam, CSOs, Mnet members: LIGHT, CDI, GFCD, VIJUSAP, PLD, SCRD, reporters and migrant workers in Hanoi.

Network of Action for Migrant Workers (, with support from Oxfam International in Viet Nam,

The 5th Regional Conference of Asian Roundtable on Social Protection: Economic growth needs to go abreast with the promotion of social protection .

In order to share experiences from other countries and discuss regional initiatives, from 22nd to 24th August 2016, the 5th regional Asian Roundtable on Social Protection was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference emphasized the role of the Government in ensuring Social Security and calling for regional initiatives about social protectionfor workers.

Although Asia is the area which has rapid economic growth, inequality is still increasing and poverty still exists in the region. The poverty rate decreases slowly, unemployment rate and unstable employment is increasing and million workers are living in poverty. The most disadvantaged people are vulnerable groups including workers working ininformal area,

Kicking off “Safer city for girls” project with Plan International and youth on 12 August – International Youth Day

12 August – the International Youth Day – was an exciting day for people and children, especially girls, in Dong Anh district (Hanoi) as they together with Plan International and LIGHT kicked off the project “Safe and Friendly city for girls”.

With large factories in its location, Kim Chung commune in Dong Anh district hosts the largest number of immigrant workers in Hanoi (about 20,000 immigrants, 72% are female) , which affects the accessibilities of its people to quality services such as education, water, health care and security.

The project pilot a model of safe community for girls in the commune with the joint efforts from Women’s Union,